Information disclosure system
The information disclosed is a copy of the data submitted to the CMVM in compliance with legislation and regulations in force and is the sole responsibility of the respective entity.

Financial intermediaries

UK credit institutions on a transitional regime

Endurance Global Weather Risk Advisors Limited


2 Minster Court, London EC3R 7BB

Authorised services

Registration date
Reception and transmission of orders in respect of options, futures, swaps, forward rate agreements and any other derivative contracts relating to climatic variables, freight rates, emission allowances or inflation rates or other official economic statistics that must be settled in cash or may be settled in cash at the option of one of the parties (otherwise than by reason of a default or other termination ground), and also any other derivative contracts relating to assets, rights, bonds, indices and measures not otherwise mentioned in Section C, which have the characteristics of other derivative financial instruments, having regard to whether, inter alia, it is traded on a regulated market or an MTF, cleared and settled through recognised clearing houses or subject to regular margin calls. 16/12/2013