Information disclosure system
The issuing and marketing entities of the complex financial information available on this website are solely responsible for the contents therein. The disclosure of said information does not include any judgment by the CMVM on the value or worth of said products.
The complex financial products are not subject to prior approval by the CMVM (except in the case of special investment funds). However, the marketing publicity concerning these products shall be compulsorily approved by the CMVM.

Complex financial products

The subscription of complex financial products may imply the partial or entire loss of the invested capital but said loss may even be greater than the investment made. Before subscribing a product, make sure that you have read all the information available on same and that you fully understand its contents and associated risks.

Recommendations for investors (Contents in Portuguese)

Complex financial product categories

Complex financial products included in the protocol drawn-up with the CMVM

Includes information documents communicated to the CMVM after 1 January 2014 – date of entry into force of the protocol. Information documents communicated before said date, whether or not covered by said protocol, will still be available online where they were initially published.